Strange Cases: Lovecraftian hardboiled-noir graphic novel on Kickstarter in February

Patrick McEvoy:

My new graphic novel project will be launched as a Kickstarter in February 2015 (that’s next month as I write these words). It’s a hardboiled-noir/horror book with an original character who gets into adventures that tie into well-known Lovecraft stories, but from a different point of view. Imagine a 1940’s private eye stumbling into cases of unimaginable eldritch horror – but he may have some dark forces on his side that he hardly knows about yet. That’s the world of “Strange Cases”, coming to you this year from 01Publishing.


Red Equinox: Urban warfare between eldritch monsters and an emerging police state

The Red Equinox has dawned, and the old gods who have slept for aeons are stirring.

Urban explorer and photographer Becca Philips was raised in the shadow of Miskatonic University, steeped in the mysteries of her late grandmother’s work in occult studies.

As urban warfare breaks out between eldritch monsters and an emerging police state, she must uncover the secrets of a family heirloom known as the Fire of Cairo to banish the rising tide of darkness before the balance tips irrevocably at the Red Equinox.

The first two chapters are available as an excerpt at And Wynne lists five things he learned writing Red Equinox over at terribleminds. (Clearly, he did not learn as much as he should have, but I’m not gonna go there.)

There will be a local book launch party here, January 31.


Latest Lovecraft links (January 25, 2015)

Updated Dreamlands cycle now available for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game

Announced by Fantasy Flight:

Long out of print and in demand, these six Dreamlands Asylum Packs are now available via Fantasy Flight Games’ in-house manufacturing. Each has been updated to the sixty-card format which features three copies each of twenty individual cards, and this printing incorporates all errata from the game’s latest FAQ (pdf, 1.0 MB).

Twilight Horror has been missing from my collection for a long time, so this is welcome news.


Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure that “lovingly spoofs” Lovecraft

Adventure Gamers:

Out of the heart of Romania, from deepest Transylvania, comes the announcement of a 2D point-and-click comic adventure about… Cthulhu? Yes, there’s not a vampire in sight in Stuck in Attic’s Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure, a game that “lovingly spoofs” the works of one H. P. Lovecraft. Gibbous will seek to take the writer’s dark subject matter, creatures, and locations, and give them a light-hearted, contemporary twist in the style of classic LucasArts adventure favorites.

More about that here.

The game is set in the present day, with three playable characters: hardboiled detective Don R. Ketype, mild-mannered Miskatonic University librarian Buzz Kerwan, and his cat Kitteh. The detective has been hired by “mysterious patrons” to find the Necronomicon, which Buzz has already stumbled upon and accidentally used to transform his cat. Also after the Necronomicon are a bunch of death cults, hoping to locate the forbidden book and use it to awaken Cthulhu. Sounds promising, and anything that involves awakening Cthulhu must be good by definition.

A crowdfunding campaign is expected to happen at some point soon.