Find the Necronomicon in The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities

Times LIVE:

When Orange County, Florida’s school district decided to allow the Bible to be distributed by religious groups, atheists responded by producing their own.

Now the Satanic Temple has also gotten in on the act – with plans to distribute their own religious materials in Orange County’s schools.

Amongst the materials to be distributed to pupils will be an activity book – The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities, which aims to give a kid-friendly introduction to Satanism.

Activities include connecting the dots to draw an inverted pentagram, a spot the difference puzzle where a character, Annabelle, performs a Satanic ritual for class and completing a maze to help another character, Damien find the fabled Necronomicon.

The materials are not however intended to provoke according to the Temple, but rather provide a counter-viewpoint to the Christian materials that the school board allowed in their schools.

Can’t argue with that. This was first reported by Raw Story. And here’s a link to the Big Book.


Jacqueline Baker and The Broken Hours: Taking liberties with Lovecraft

Edmonton Journal:

In October 2012, Jacqueline Baker started writing a new novel: a sleek, stylish ghost story about the last days of the American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

By New Year’s Eve, she was finished.

I have not heard of Baker before, but this at least sounds promising:

“Lots of people talk about Lovecraft as if they knew who he was: he was a racist, he was a recluse, he was this, he was that,” Baker says. “A lot of it is exaggerated, or apocryphal. He was mysterious. He was certainly solitary, but not more solitary than most writers I know.”

Esthetics aside, Baker says one of the biggest challenges was the pressure she felt to do right by her subject. In an attempt to find the real Lovecraft, Baker combed through official biographies, correspondence, and multiple excursions along his old neighbourhood courtesy of Google Street View.

The novel is called The Broken Hours, and it’s out now.

H. P. Lovecraft’s Collected Fiction: Variorum Edition available for pre-order

Hippocampus Press:


For the first time, students and scholars of Lovecraft can see at a glance all the textual variants in all relevant appearances of a story—manuscript, first publication in magazines, and first book publications. The result is an illuminating record of the textual history of the tales, along with how Lovecraft significantly revised his stories after initial publication.

Three volumes, 1600 pages, $180 + shipping, currently -10% off.

(Via A View from Sesqua Valley.)

Murder cults and malfeasant clawbulbs added to Clockwork Empires

The latest update from Gaslamp Games’ Lovecraftian city-builder adds in the spine-tingling prospect of cults. Not only will they murder their fellow man and perform blood sacrifices over creepy shrines, but some of them will even transform into horrifying monsters. Though the cultists will likely be armed with large colonial axes, they still must be dealt with and colonists are encourage to purge the land of their dangerous influence.

More on that here, and here is a press release. Early access available on Steam.