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And in honour of Lovecraft’s birthday, which was yesterday:

And finally a bunch of Kickstarters:

Interview with Cthulhu’s godfather

Which would be none other than Sandy Petersen:

Let me put it this way. I’ve designed a lot of games that sold better than Call of Cthulhu. I worked on the original Doom, Civilization, Quake, I was involved in the Age of Empires series that sold tens of millions, but when I’m invited to conventions around the world it’s never because of those games. It’s always Call of Cthulhu, that’s the one people love!

Lots of interesting stuff here, including how the people at Chaosium apparently were a bunch of ignorant dicks, back in the day (my words, not Petersen’s).

H. P. Lovecraft vs. Aleister Crowley graphic novel


What if the Necronomicon were real? What if we took Aleister Crowley at his word? What kind of story plays out? This is the story of what would happen if H.P. Lovecraft and Aleister Crowley were two sorcerers engaged in a bitter rivalry. Continuing his father’s work, Lovecraft is preparing to solve the riddle of the most difficult spell, the Abramelin, and Aleister Crowley will be damned before anyone else performs it. In desperation, Crowley employs the help of two paranormal detectives, Dr. Styx and Diane Rosen. While questioning his intentions, the two decide it is in the world’s best interest to stop H.P. Lovecraft at all costs.

Already funded, four days left.


Is Maplecroft as good as everyone keeps saying?

I have no idea but Annalee Newitz at io9 seems to think so:

Lizzie Borden’s infamous murders took place just a couple of decades before H.P. Lovecraft first dreamed up the horrors of his greatest invention, the cosmic ocean monster-god Cthulhu. Cherie Priest has taken this historical confluence and turned it into a wild, awesome page-turner called Maplecroft.


I stole this image directly from Cherie Priest’s website, but I meant well.

Maplecroft does sound like something I would enjoy greatly, especially that bit about Lizzie and her sister buying a mansion and “fitting it out as a perfect monster hunter’s lair.” That sort of thing is enough to make me salivate, right there.

Ed Brubaker on the cosmic horror of Lovecraft in Fatale

But it was also really fun to have the bad guys and the evilness underlying all the horror being that Lovecraftian unseen stuff because that fits so well with the stuff that influenced the book — the Hammer horror films and “The Devil Rides Out.” I don’t think I could ever do a horror story where you actually saw the monsters. That’s what appeals to me about Lovecraft because if you take out the idea that there are cults who worship these gods and the gods actually exist, you might as well be reading a noir story because it’s just following around people who believe in something that doesn’t actually exist. If Jo didn’t have any powers and Bishop and his people were just a weird religious cult with no real gods, this would be one of the creepiest noir stories ever. It’d be all these people chasing a woman so they could sacrifice her to a nonexistent god. That’s almost scarier than something that actually exists.

This and lots more here.

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