The crawl of Cthulhu: A guided walking tour of Lovecraft’s life in Brooklyn

An aficionado of horror-author H.P. Lovecraft will lead a creepy yet compelling walking tour of significant sites from author’s brief time living in Brooklyn on Nov. 8. The pulp fiction writer is better known as a Rhode Islander than a Brooklynite, but the tour’s guide and creator said she wants to expose more people to this little-known period of the author’s life.

Check it out (and try to ignore the misspelling of the sacred name of Cthulhu). Also, I wouldn’t exactly say that Lovecraft’s time in New York, his exile in the pest zone, is “little-known.” In fact it’s quite well known, for anyone who has read even a little bit about Lovecraft’s life.

A comic about Lovecraft himself as “a modern-day, kick-ass action hero & alchemist”

On Kickstarter:

Lovecraft is a dirty, gritty story about magick, monsters and the occult. It takes place in a modern-day world where H.P. Lovecraft the writer never existed but where all the horrors he wrote about are real. In this story, the man named Lovecraft is the world’s foremost magician and alchemist who maintains a secret library of forbidden knowledge which includes books like the Necronomicon.


The name of the project is Lovecraft: The Blasphemously Large First Issue, and it’ll be a 48-page limited edition comic. The funding goal has not been reached yet, but there are still 27 days left.

A short list of Lovecraftian comics

Listed by a guy who also wheels out all the usual misconceptions about Lovecraft (H.P. is defined by his racism, if there are “fish-people and tentacled torments” in it then it’s Lovecraftian, Lovecraft’s writing is just “huge blocks of dry exposition,” etc.). But the first title on the list is Hellboy, and there are some other good ones there, as well. (But, note the comment from Bobby Derie).

Latest Lovecraft links (October 26, 2014)

And I didn’t even include nearly everything…