Limited edition hardcover of the original version of Adept’s Gambit by Fritz Leiber

Miskatonic Books:

In 1936, the young Fritz Leiber wrote a 38,000-word novella entitled Adept’s Gambit and sent it to his new correspondent, H. P. Lovecraft. The older writer was thrilled at this sprawling narrative that mixed fantasy, sorcery, and historical fiction, and wrote an enormous letter expressing his praise and pointing out possible points that needed revision.

For decades, it was believed that this version — which contains small but significant references to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos — was lost. But the manuscript has recently surfaced, and it is now being published for the first time. This version differs radically from the later version published in Night’s Black Agents (1947), and represents a landmark in the development of Leiber’s fantasy career. As the first Fafhrd and Gray Mouser narrative, it will be of consuming interest to all devotees of Leiber’s work.

There are only 500 hardcover copies, hand numbered and signed by editor S. T. Joshi. Each copy contains an introduction by Joshi, and the complete text of Lovecraft’s letter, in addition to the original, unabridged text of the novella.


Lovecraftian leftovers for week 16

The Eldritch Cases: Dagon, horror adventure inspired by Lovecraft and the Illuminatus trilogy, now on Kickstarter

Two of my favourite things right there, so this has me intrigued. The project is described as a point & click horror adventure, making use of several different elements from Lovecraft’s stories: Innsmouth and the Esoteric Order of Dagon (from The Shadow Over Innsmouth), Dr. Herbert West (of Re-Animator fame), Thomas Malone (from The Horror at Red Hook), etc. So that should be more than enough to get any true-blooded cultist salivating at the mere thought of what might right now be flopping, hopping, croaking, and bleating towards them (to quote the old master himself).

If the funding goal is reached.


Website here.

Overlooked webcomics, listed by io9

Lauren Davis lists 51 webcomics that the Eisner Awards have failed to recognize. Included in the list are Broodhollow by Kris Straub and Lovecraft is Missing by Larry Latham, both Lovecraftian and well worth checking out. (Although sadly, it may be that Lovecraft is Missing will not continue for much longer, as Latham’s health is not good right now.)

Cthulhu’s Vault by Jolly Roger Games now on Kickstarter

Another day, another Cthulhu game on Kickstarter

A card game that starts cooperative, but ends with one corrupt player, a Mythos monster, and a desperate battle to save the world.


One of the designers is Richard Launius, the guy behind the original Arkham Horror, so it’s pretty hard to give this one a miss if you’re a fan of Lovecraft and board games.

Even though it’s a story-telling game (which I don’t like).