Latest Lovecraft links (March 1, 2015)

A new month of madness and horror has begun…

Interview with Keith Davidsen, writer of the upcoming comic mini-series Reanimator

The new ‘Reanimator’ series is really two interwoven stories. The first involves his need to acquire resources (bodies, equipment, chemicals, etc.), and the extremely dangerous way he does so: by supplying zombie brain fluid as a narcotic to a drug cartel — much to the chagrin of their powerful rivals. So Herbert West inevitably becomes the linchpin in a New Orleans power struggle, and – even though he has renounced supernatural power himself – it seems that both of the criminal organizations are aligned with sinister forces of the occult variety (i.e. Elder Gods and Louisiana Voodoo). So there’s some Science vs. Magic at play.

The second story revolves around Susan Green, West’s new assistant, who uncovers a terrible secret – one that threatens everything that she and West have been working towards. So there’s a lot going on in this series, as we build the mystery and its explosive payoff.

Other things of interest that are mentioned include how the relationship between Herbert West and his assistant mirrors that of Doctor Who and his companion (except it’s a “perversion” of it), and that “there will be at least one established Cult of Cthulhu human character as a cast member,” and how the mini-series “throws open more than a few doors to hellish worlds.”


The Life and Literary Influence of H. P. Lovecraft with Leslie S. Klinger, at the John Hay Library

Brown University Library News:

On Wednesday, March 11 at 5:30 p.m. in the John Hay Library, esteemed author and authority on the literary macabre, Leslie S. Klinger will deliver a biographical overview of H. P. Lovecraft’s life and writing career and an assessment of his influence on subsequent literature. Klinger will also discuss the issue of Lovecraft’s racial views and the impact of such views. There will be a Q&A following the talk and a book sale and signing of Klinger’s The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft. A reception will also follow the Q&A. This event is free and open to the public.

Anyone able to attend should definitely do so. Klinger is usually right up there with the few people who actually know what they’re talking about when commenting on Lovecraft. Unlike many others I could mention. But I won’t (mention them).

Call for submissions: Eldritch Embraces

Dragon’s Roost Press:

For our new anthology, tentatively entitled Eldritch Embraces, we want to put the love back in Lovecraft. In order to be considered for inclusion in this anthology, your story must focus on two things. There must be an element of love or romance and the story must invoke the cosmic terror of H.P. Lovecraft.

Not really my cup of tea, but to each their own. And they are quite specific about not wanting tentacle porn. So a big no-no to 50 Shades of Cthulhu, or anything else involving the Great Old One putting his appendages where they were never meant to be put. Not that I know anything about what goes on in tentacle porn. I really don’t. Honest.


Latest Lovecraft links (February 23, 2015)

Case File: Arkham by Patrick McEvoy and Josh Finney

Now on Kickstarter:

Set in the mid-1940s, Case File: Arkham follows Hank Flynn, a down on his luck private eye who is back from the war and now working the mean streets of the most cursed city on Earth — Arkham, Massachusetts. And things only get worse for Flynn when a wealthy uptown socialite hires him to track down an artist by the name of Pickman. What begins as a simple missing persons case leads Flynn down a dark path of flesh eating ghouls, vengeful witches, and the notorious Innsmouth mafia.

This is the first of what is intended to be an on-going series of graphic novels, following hardboiled detective Hank Flynn “as he peels back the thin veil of reality to confront H.P. Lovecraft’s most enduring horrors.” McEvoy is best known (at least to me) for some of the stunning art in Fantasy Flight’s Call of Cthulhu and Arkham Horror games, so that alone is reason to be intrigued about this. Sample pages can be found here (and on the Kickstarter page), home page here.